A Few Novelties at The Start of 2012

The site hadn’t moved for a while, for lack of time. Having under the elbow, many photos, I started to sort them and publish a few, with the update of several pages, to:

  • Astatotilapia caliptera,
  • Aulonocara gertrudae,
  • Aulonocara hueseri,
  • Aulonocara jacobfreibergi,
  • Aulonocara korneliae,
  • Aulonocara stuartgranti,
  • Cyrtocara moorii,
  • Melanochromis parallelus,
  • Melanochromis vermivorus
  • Mylochromis plagiotaenia,

Some new pages are also emerging, for:

  • Abactochromis labrosus,
  • Aulonocara ethelwynnae,
  • Aulonocara maylandi kandeensis,
  • Aulonocara maylandi maylandi,
  • Aulonocara saulosi,
  • Aulonocara sp. “chitande type north”,
  • Aulonocara sp. “chitseko”,
  • Aulonocara steveni,
  • Aulonocara stonemani,
  • Maylandia phaeos,
  • Maylandia sp. “daktari”,
  • Melanochromis auratus,
  • Melanochromis kaskazini,
  • Pseudotropheus interruptus
    Pseudotropheus sp. “perspicax orange cap”.