Description of 5 New Species of Mbunas

5 new species of Mbunas close to Maylandia aurora have just been described by Patrick J. Ciccotto, Ad Konings & Jay R. Stauffer:

  • Maylandia glaucos (ex M. sp “aurora blue”)
  • Maylandia mossambica (ex M. sp “aurora black tail”, M. sp. “Aurora yellow” and M. sp. “Aurora chinuni”)
  • Maylandia nkhunguensis (ex M. sp blue reef “)
  • Maylandia sciasma (ex M. sp. “Kingsizei north” and M. sp. “Aurora north”)
  • Maylandia xanthos (ex M. sp. “Aurora lumbaulo”)

The Maylandia mossambica page and listings have been updated.

More info: AFC – Cichlidsforum