Malawi Cichlids Tank Mates

Malawi Cichlids Tank Mates

Malawi Cichlids Tank Mates are a vital component of every successful Malawi Cichlid aquarium.  There are many misconceptions concerning the types of tank mates compatible with Malawi Cichlids.  In this article we will explore which tank mates are most suitable for Malawi Cichlids.


Worst Tank Mates For Malawi Cichlids

Let us start with the worst tank mates for Malawi Cichlids.  The list is pretty extensive.  First on the list are discus fish.  Discus fish are definitely not compatible with Malawi Cichlids.  Malawi cichlids require water temperatures in the 78-80 degrees range while discus require extremely warm temperatures in the 82-86 degrees range.  Malawi Cichlids require higher ph and that is why they do great in aquariums with crushed coral as the substrate.  Discus fish require lower ph and cannot have crushed coral as substrate.  Finally both Malawi Cichlids and Discus are very aggressive in nature so will not make good tank mates together.

Second on the list of worst tank mates for Malawi cichlids are Ange Fish.  Angel Fish are fairly delicate fish.  Malawi Cichlids will bite the fins of angel fish.  Angel Fish are also very territorial and would not work out well with Malawi Cichlids.

Third on the list of the worst tank mates for Malawi Cichlids are Oscar Fish.  Oscars are slow moving aggressive fish.  They do not do well in high ph and will not do survive with Malawi Cichlids.


Best Tank Mates for Malawi Cichlids

Now that we know the worst tank mates for Malawi Cichlids lets discuss the best tank mates.  When it comes to Malawi Cichlids the answer is simple:  Malawi Cichlids should only be kept with only Malawi Cichlids of their type.  That means that you should not mix African cichlids with South American Cichlids.  If you like colorful fish then stick with all African Cichlids.  If you prefer less colorful more aggressive fish then stick with South American Cichlids such as Green Terror, Jack Dempsey, etc.  The golden rule is “Do NOT mix African Cichlids with South American Cichlids”.


There you have it.  The Worst and Best Tank Mates for Malawi Cichlids.  If you want an aquarium that looks like a saltwater aquarium without the high maintenance and expense, then go with an African cichlid tank with crush coral as the substrate and coral pieces throughout the tank.  The tank will look just like a saltwater tank and the fish are just as colorful.