Special AFC 2008 Congress

Pom, pom, pom! Not much time to spend on the Internet and lots of photos are piling up.
We’re going to start with a special AFC congress update, with new photos of Astatotilapia caliptera, Champsochromis caeruleus, Labidochromis caeruleus, Maylandia aurora and Tropheops macrophtalmus,
as well as new pages for Labeotropheus trewavasae, Lethrinops microstoma, Otopharynx auromarginatus and Pseudotropheus williamsi.…


Welcome to Version 3 of

The site has just undergone a major overhaul, with the implementation of the new version of the program, which offers a whole bunch of new features. This evolution has brought about a slight reworking of the content and the visual, to adapt them, while keeping the spirit of the old version.

This development is of the same order and in the logical continuation of the recent redesign of Gabriel’s Aqua’Pages, the broad outlines of which are repeated here.…


Lists are Landing!

After several weeks of work, a new section arrives on the site, with the aim of providing access to data in the form of simple lists.

A first category is available, with 72 denominations of genera of Cichlid and the lists of associated species (valid names, synonyms, provisional and commercial names).…


The Site Takes Place on Facebook

We can’t stop the facebook phenomenon! Why the site will not make a place on the social network? The idea trotted for a while and it’s now done, with a dedicated group. This group is intended to maintain the link, but also to allow the facebook world to react and make a contribution to the MCC edifice. The group therefore makes it possible to exchange views on the site, but also to share information on Lake Malawi and its Cichlids.
Barely uploaded, 18 members joined the group. So don’t hesitate to join the group.…


The Aulonocara Sabulicoles

A small update, with an overview of the sandy species of the genus Aulonocara. The general page on the genus has been revised accordingly and the 9 sabulicultural species listed appear on the site: Aulonocara aquilonium, Aulonocara brevinidus, Aulonocara gertrudae, Aulonocara guentheri, Aulonocara nyassae (the type species), Aulonocara rostratum, Aulonocara sp. “nyassae mumbo”, Aulonocara sp. “pyramid”, as well as Aulonocara auditor whose position in the genus is uncertain.…