Abactochromis, a New Genus of Cichlid

Abactochromis is a new genus of Cichlid from Lake Malawi, described for Melanochromis labrosus, characterized by its enlarged lips. The study, published in September 2010, is essentially based on the anatomy and morphology of the species: Oliver, M.K., and M.E. Arnegard. 2010. A new genus for Melanochromis labrosus, a problematic Lake Malawi cichlid with hypertrophied lips (Teleostei: Cichlidae). Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters 21 (3): 209-232.
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Description of 5 New Species of Mbunas

5 new species of Mbunas close to Maylandia aurora have just been described by Patrick J. Ciccotto, Ad Konings & Jay R. Stauffer:

  • Maylandia glaucos (ex M. sp “aurora blue”)
  • Maylandia mossambica (ex M. sp “aurora black tail”, M. sp. “Aurora yellow” and M. sp. “Aurora chinuni”)
  • Maylandia nkhunguensis (ex M. sp blue reef “)
  • Maylandia sciasma (ex M. sp. “Kingsizei north” and M. sp. “Aurora north”)
  • Maylandia xanthos (ex M. sp. “Aurora lumbaulo”)

The Maylandia mossambica page and listings have been updated.

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Description of 5 New Species of Petrotilapia

5 new species of Mbunas close to Maylandia aurora have just been described by Mary Lundeba, Jay R. Stauffer Jr. and Adrianus F. Konings:

  • Petrotilapia xanthos
    formerly P. sp. ‘hara’ Konings 2007 – P. nigra group – Distribution: Gallireya Reef, Malawi
  • Petrotilapia flaviventris
    formerly P. ‘yellow ventral’ Ribbink et al., 1983 – P. nigra group – Distribution: Chizumulu Island and ente Mbweca, Mozambique and Undu Point, Tanzania.
  • Petrotilapia palingnathos
    formerly P. ‘retrognathous’ Ribbink et al., 1983 – P. tridentiger group – Distribution: Chizumulu Island and Taiwanee Reef
  • Petrotilapia pyroscelos
    formerly P. ‘orange pelvic’ Ribbink et al., 1983 – P. genalutea group – Distribution: Chizumulu Island
  • Petrotilapia mumboensis
    formerly P. ‘mumbo blue’ Ribbink et al., 1983 – Distribution: Mumbo Island, Thumbi West Island and Mbenji Island
    More info: AFC – Cichlidsforum – Original description

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Description of 2 New Stigmatochromis

2 new species of Stigmatochromis have just been described by Jay R. Stauffer, Rachel M. Cleaver-Yodera, and Adrianus F. Konings:

Summary translation: The species of the genus Stigmatochromis are haplochromine cichlids endemic to Lake Malawi, and the genus currently includes 4 species: S. woodi (type species), S. modestus, S. pholidophorus, and S. pleurospilus. The last 2 are known only from their holotypes. Here we describe 2 additional species: Stigmatochromis macrorhynchos and Stigmatochromis melanchros, from southern Lake Malawi.

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A Few Novelties at The Start of 2012

The site hadn’t moved for a while, for lack of time. Having under the elbow, many photos, I started to sort them and publish a few, with the update of several pages, to:

  • Astatotilapia caliptera,
  • Aulonocara gertrudae,
  • Aulonocara hueseri,
  • Aulonocara jacobfreibergi,
  • Aulonocara korneliae,
  • Aulonocara stuartgranti,
  • Cyrtocara moorii,
  • Melanochromis parallelus,
  • Melanochromis vermivorus
  • Mylochromis plagiotaenia,

Some new pages are also emerging, for:

  • Abactochromis labrosus,
  • Aulonocara ethelwynnae,
  • Aulonocara maylandi kandeensis,
  • Aulonocara maylandi maylandi,
  • Aulonocara saulosi,
  • Aulonocara sp. “chitande type north”,
  • Aulonocara sp. “chitseko”,
  • Aulonocara steveni,
  • Aulonocara stonemani,
  • Maylandia phaeos,
  • Maylandia sp. “daktari”,
  • Melanochromis auratus,
  • Melanochromis kaskazini,
  • Pseudotropheus interruptus
    Pseudotropheus sp. “perspicax orange cap”.

The Genus Mchenga Makes Its Nest

The Mchenga genus, makes its nest on the site, with 4 new pages. A general page briefly presents the genus Mchenga. A page is dedicated to Mchenga flavimanus, which was the subject of an article in the Revue Française des Cichlidophiles [see article]. Two succinct pages for two species of the genus, known only from their type specimens, complete the first two: Mchenga eucinostimus and Mchenga inornata.…